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BulFra Agency has been on the real estate market since 2003. For more than 16 years we have been working hard and have managed to build the reputation of reputable professionals among customers and colleagues by abiding to high standards of work and professionalism.

BulFra Agency has an experience of many years in the field of real estate sale, lease and management, as well as in the field of rendering consultancy services to both private and corporate clients investing in property assets. 

Our goal is the continuous development in the field of real
estates, high professionalism, precision, loyalty, and discretion. BulFra Agency operates in the high segment of the real estate market and applies the “Personal Broker” model, thus ensuring personal attitude towards each customer in order to build trust, utmost understanding of
the customer’s needs and goals, and achievement of the best financial results for the client.

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BulFra Agency offers to its customers professional consultation and realization of transactions in the field of real estate sale and purchase, lease and management.

In addition to our main activity, we also offer full legal servicing during the process of real estate transactions.


In connection with the realization of our activity as a professional intermediary in real estate transactions, BulFra Agency enters into an agreement with its customers for an assignment order for intermediation for the real estate sale, purchase, lease and rent, or a property management agreement for the purposes of real estate lease.

Under conditions of agreed exclusive mediation rights for real estate sale / rent, the Contracting Authority (property owner) hereby undertakes not to offer the property for sale / rent, not to sell / lease its property itself, through a third party or through another mediator, including not to show the property to any potential buyers without the presence of a representative of BulFra Agency. Therefore, the property may be sold / leased only with the mediation of BulFra Agency, and if the property is sold / leased by virtue of a draft or final agreement / lease agreement within the term of the concluded Contract for Mediation, due to the nature of the exclusive rights the property will be deemed sold / leased with the mediation of BulFra Agency, together with all rights, obligations, responsibilities and consequences resulting from this presumption.

The amount, term and ways of payment of the “remuneration for mediation“ for rendering the mediation service will be determined according to a concluded Contract for Mediation or another written agreement between BulFra Agency and the Contracting Authority (property owner).

The usual remuneration for mediation of BulFra Agency is the remuneration for mediation services. Unless another amount explicitly agreed between BulFra Agency and the Contracting Authority, the usual remuneration for mediation due by the Contracting Authority will amount to:

  • 3%, inclusive of VAT, of the sale price of the property upon sale and purchase, but not less than EUR 1000 (one thousand);
  • 50%, exclusive of VAT, of the monthly lease price of the property, for deals for leases of residential properties, but not less than EUR 300;
  • one average minimum rent for deals for leases of trading and office areas, but not less than EUR 700.
    In the cases when BulFra Agency represents both parties under the deal, the remuneration for mediation will be due in the abovementioned amounts by the parties under the deal.

In all cases when the date of payment of the due remuneration for mediation cannot be established or proven with a written contract of assignment service, it will be deemed that the date of payment of the remuneration will be as follows:

  1. For deals for property sale or purchase – on the date of conclusion of a preliminary agreement for sale and purchase, and in case no such agreement concluded – on the date of signing a final agreement for sale and purchase of the property in question, before signing it.
  2. For deals for property leases – on the date of conclusion of the Lease Agreement.
    BulFra Agency will be entitled to negotiate with its clients remunerations other than the usual remunerations for mediation, as well as to negotiate various remunerations as regards their amount depending on the type of property, the market situation, the factual and legal complexity of the deal.


BulFra Agency offers to its customers the following additional services, which accompany real estate transactions, namely: