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BulFra Agency offers the service “Property Management and Lease”. Depending on Your specific needs and preferences as regards the management of Your property, we will create for You an individual plan that meets Your requirements. We offer our customers different management packages, which include long- and short-term lease.

Choosing these services presents You with a package of services at Your own choice and the cooperation of a team of specialists in view of the optimal organization, good management and maintenance of Your property.

Upon entering into a real property management agreement, BulFra Agency offers the following services:

1. Management and long-term lease includes as follows:


    • Consultation with the owner in order to determine the amount of the monthly rent;
    • Advertising of the property and visits by potential clients;
    • Legal coverage of the deal – execution of a lease agreement;
    • Supervision of the implementation of all provisions of the agreement, including the timely payment of the monthly rent and consumables;
    • Regular inspection of the condition of the property;
    • Organization and execution of all required repair works of the leasehold, which are the lessor’s obligation;
    • Representation of the property owner before the General Meeting of the condominium;
    • Execution and sending of regular income and expenditure reports for the property to its owner and to others;
    • Payment of taxes, fees, etc.
2. Management and short-term lease:

For this option BulFra Agency implements the entire process of property lease: marketing and advertising activities, keeping a database of all reservations, accommodating customers, cleaning the property, etc. We notify the owners of the occupation rates and condition of their property by sending them our monthly reports.

BulFra Agency offers as an option and in the form of a package of preliminary services that precede the activity of the actual property management, namely:

    • Registration of the property at the Revenue Agency, payment of taxes;
    • Opening of the respective lots for electricity, water and heating, Internet, TV, etc., the absence of which makes it impossible to occupy the property;
    • Installation of a signal alarm equipment in the property and entering into a security agreement;
    • Property insurance;
    • Interior design and furnishing

The remuneration for management is agreed on an individual basis with each customer depending on the services used.


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